Indoor Navigation | Simplified Guide - All what you need to know

Indoor navigation starts where Google Maps and GPS stops, because GPS signal strength issues and Google maps coverage for indoor detailed maps, in this post we will learn what is indoor navigation and what are the building blocks for it


Indoor Navigation the same principles of Google Maps but in a micro scope, to have a navigation system you will need the below requirements:



1- Interactive map: is the map that the user see to know a location or navigate to another one, the main functions of a interactive map are:
A: Mapping: the process of Drawing a map
B: Wayfinding: find a way from one point to another

2- Location Input: is the location data input for an object, the main functions of a positioning are:
A: Positioning: the position of a object
B: Navigation: track object movement in realtime


there are many ways to build the solution but all follow the same principles, that is easier said to be done but below are the key features that affect the usecase of your project to keep in mind:

1- Hosting: most of the solutions providers work in "SAAS" Model with monthly/yearly license, they can implement the solution in days and you will get all updates always, but your stuck with the bills, this type of companies are ideal for small to mid sized projects

2-  Positioning Technology: there are many ways to determine the location of a object, GPS, wifi, beacons, gyroscope, magnetic-field, markers ( a QRcode for VR ), some companies use 1 or 2 of them other use them all depending on the nature of the project, every one of these technologies has pros and cons, and the KPI for the a accuracy of the position mismatch from 1 inch to 5 meters, so far all works but markers seems to be outstanding if the client has no issue with the number of stickers needs to be placed in many areas, the delivery of the positioning solution is done in a form of SDK some companies provide the SDK only others Provide the hold package ( SDK + Interactive map + apps)

Maybe there will be a new technology to determine the location like 5G or a newer replacement for GPS, no matter what it is if it works it will play change the hole game because positioning is the heart of any solution, so far markers shine for now and they are here to stay

below is some of the tools and solutions you can check and review: