ecommerce | web vs mobile | do you realy need a mobile app for your ecommerce site?


Fans and Air Conditioners booth work but they are different in "Experience" and "Usability ( use case )", the same concept applies in other fields as well including technology



mobile web: are websites that is made for desktops as a replacement for "software" by unifying a single software called a "browser" that is adjustable in appearance and functionality and works in all operating systems with limited access to hardware full features and functionality .. the main strength of web is "connectivity"

mobile app :  is basically "software" application developed to be run in a specific operating system ( android, ios .. etc ) which has full access to hardware features and functionality provided by the operating system


mobile web: web is all about "connect", so network, internet, 4g, 5g, cloud, dns .. etc all are solutions and standards that enable the connectivity, but in order to allow user to access, view and process information he will require to compute the data to produce readable information in a from of text, image or a combination of all in a page or screen, and like communication, presentation of information as well need standards to scale the communication and that where browser was needed to have a standard software that can render it appearance and functionality and run over any operating system or platform to deliver the same expected result using the same code base, but unlike native software and for security reasons its capabilities is limited and it features and functionality is uncompleted due to the impossibility of delivering 1 software that for all devices .. it is just normally impossible

mobile app: software application is all about "compute", the very basic task of any software and require no connectivity, software only need internet to send and receive data and there is no problem so far until someone decides to create a new operating system or a new hardware, and because of the lake of communication it will be built on different standards and configuration, just languages and food we have so many all round us and they are all so different from one another, but is it possible to have a unified language, food, culture, dress .. impossible and so as technology, even though browsers tried to bring a unified common ground to address this challenge but it is a impossible task to be done 100%, it will only be limited, and not every company can create and maintain different versions of the same software targeting different environments and keep up with each and every system update, and here we are a beautiful true fact that nothing is 100% complete


even as we know already that mobile app is the future, it is not yet ready because not all users are catching up with up-to date technology, but unlike web 1 and web 2, web 3 will be much better with the availability of new improved technology that will address connectivity and presentation but hardware full access was and will remain a software thing, because it is crazy to have your os as just a browser like chrome os or have a single company that produce all the devices.