chatbot | messegign over API

it all started with SMS ( short message service ) back in the days it was made for mobile users to contact over messaging through the mobile services provider network, then after some time the ability to user it in the commercial space for advertising and communication came along, the same story is repeated again now from with in the internet, after the mass scale use of internet based messaging services like whatapp and telegram sms is almost abandoned and replace with this new an effective service and with that comes the commercial use for interactive communication and advertising with more advanced features and media types that was not availabel b4 in traditional sms

there is no use for sms today except for notification and service communication and that is now in the process to be replaced

meta ( Facebook messenger, whatsapp) , telegram and other platforms are now enabling api services for business accounts so that businesses can send and receive messages from and to customers with the ability to enable AI layer through the messaging process based on static and dynamic data from single or multiple data feed sources allowing users to get information and also process information directly from messaging like for example placing a order and canceling a flight .. in simple words it is a chat bot (:

below is a simple example for whatsapp messaging service