a youtube platform just for kids .. thanks google

if your a parent you know very well that youtube is not made for kids, even after all the filtration of adult content, still many content are not made for kids from the ground up and there is no way around that, for sometime now i decide to close youtube for my kid and find alternative, not better but much safer i ended up with couple of alternatives but not as good as youtube which makes the experiance for kids not exciting, it was a dead end until one day it happened...

Youtube Finally Decided to make a private platform for kids ( site , app ... etc ) offcourse for financial reasons anyway, but no harm is done as it is a good win-win deal between parents and channel owners ( which will be targeted by youtube finally to cut the cost of views (: )

Here it is .. a Youtube made for kids ..

The Registration process is simple and easy, you can login with your account or your kids account and add all your children each in a private sub-account where you can total manage what he see and only Kids Content are allowed in this platform, yes you can still watch it in youtube.com as well (:




Setup your kid sub-account

home screen
You can block the content you don't want like this

and you can also block Entire Chanel's like this

 and here is a full guide video on how to use youtube kids