POS | Point of Sale


The Groceries Shop owner in our neighborhood asked me for an advice for what is the best system i can get for my shop, he just established his small shop around the corner but being young motivated him to think modern so from there i started a quick search to look for him what is available today in the market.

 The First step was to determine what exactly he was looking for, in his case the answer was a stand alone P.O.S ( Point of Sale ), so the first approach was to provide what is free out there in mobile apps stores like google play and apple store, i found around 270+ apps, not all the apps are equal and to find the right one he must try out couple of ones until he lands in the perfect app, a smart phone today can ( read barcodes and print ) so there is technically no need to buy a pos unit, just a the mobile that he already have + a printer

apps on google play : https://bit.ly/2JmFkmH

even when the job is done and case is closed, still the guy couldn't figure our what his way through, he needed couching, we all do because even when we know exactly what we want we still need help to pick the right solution though experience and referral from consultant or someone who already used the solution, if there was a company around that might have a very basic POS that company might have bean lucky getting the deal just because it will provide the support needed and guide to the customer, so from that it is very clear that it is not always about the product, it is always about the service after sale that makes the difference, and it is sad to say that big companies always fail to provide that due to the large number of clients and high cost of providing such a service

maybe now it is time for a new wave of tech review channels that review the apps in the store, since there are enough hardware reviewers already!, but unlike hardware reviewers software reviewers are not lucky enough when it comes to free stuff to get from the company other than the "free" license to their software 😐