magento 2 | customer account hanging

for some reason, some customers might face account hanging in web and mobile app when trying to add products to cart or make a order, it happens specially when there is a upgrade in the web or mobile app, to fix these accounts follow you need to fix the user cart status by doing the following:

gain access to db from the shell or any db app you use like phpmyadmin and run the below command:
UPDATE quote set is_active = 1 where is_active = 0;

now check the user account and see if it is working!

after sometime using the same method fixing the issue i had came across some accounts that are stuck even after applying the solution and after days or research and consulting i turns out that the source of the issue was from one of the modules that i have disabled it from the admin and the solution was to disable the hole module and rebuild the site, in my case the module was a Cash on Delivery module

bin/magento module:disable Cybage_CodExtracharge "replace the extension with the one your suspect causing the problem"
bin/magento setup:upgrade
bin/magento cache:flush