Technology and Music | are they similer?

my background is in technology but i found it fascinating to explore the music world to learn more about how how other industries operate from idea to product, and it was music that was the easier field to explore yet not the easiest one to be part of as a profession, it requires years of practice to be one and there is no flexibility of change from one branch to another which comes with a benefit of stability of the industry and the culture surrounding it

unlike in technology which is way flexible in allowing for change but that comes with a cost in disatablising everybody in the field from customer to product making it harder for everybody to maintain but the benefit is to get the latest technology available!, that makes other fields including music more stable and slower in change, for example a pop singer will start and end his career as a pop singer and it will be hard to change like Michel Jackson for example, or if your a musician specialized in violin learning it may take months but leveling up your skills will take years of investment in practice and experience and that makes it hard to shift to another tool even shifting music genre is not easy even when using the same tool

so here is simple comparison of the 2 fields ( Technology and Music )

1- Literature
from a base booth have their own literature, technology is based on 1 and 0, where as in music there is the musical notes

2- Skills
in Technology there are tools like editors and each one require basic knowledge and a long term skills, the same in music where musicians have tools to learn and build their skills in it

3- Genre
technology has Frameworks and Systems to organize the production, the same for Music as they have Different Genres