Native vs Web | Then and Now

When the web first came in softwares was dominating the app market in the old days it was required to install the software on each pc to enable the hole business system to function, even when there was locale network and Internet in low speeds comparing to now days, a good use back then was to share folders over the local net or use vpn for database connectivity (:

slowly did the web gain strength after a number of web scripting languages appeared like asp and php later on web dominated the direct and social communications through messengers like msn and yahoo or web forums like vbuiltin not to mention the increase use of reguller website for companies to introduce their self over the web but still bigger systems showed less interest to jump into the web playground some of them just decided to bring only some parts of the business on the web maybe for many reasons but surley it is because larger solutions are like larger fishes they move slower .. it is the rules of nature and it is un esapeable

by the time big names in the IT Industry which hold the bigger stakes like Oracle and other Business Related Solutions Makers finished putting their last touches iphone was introduced and with it the hole IT industry took a hard dive into the depth of what heavy use and areas outside of business it self connecting people not only @ work but in every other aspect of life with no regards to location or place, but it was done in the old fashion way "software" with a new name "app" with a fancy change thanks to faster Internet connectivity it is easier to install softwear on the go by donwloading from marketplaces insted from shared folder like the old days (:

and like the old days, web is here on our phones mush stronger and connected over higher speeds and the only barrier now is not speed like the old days but less easier problems that is emerging now not as slow as b4 but very promising

web always wins @ the end because of one reason .. "cost", it is the unchallengeable business fact since it will cost less to develop and even lesser to maintain from a single point to unlimited users, but off-course other challenges are there as well but not impossible to maintain