RIP Flash | Time to Move on

Adobe has Finally Decided to End Flash, something that many expected not because flash was a bad product rather that there is better alternative that started in a later stage with better technologies

in this post i will make it simple for you to under stand what is flash and why Adobe Needed to End it

First of All, Flash is a Plugin, in Browser there is different types of ad-dons, 2 most common are plugins and extensions,

Plugins are binary apps that just run inside the browser, it is totally not part of the browser and it updates on it own, this future was very good in the old days that allowed plugins to run with latest versions on old browsers,what makes flash great that it bring victor image to the browser that only support bitmap image

plugins started first as a way to allow extending browser features through allowing 3rd party apps to run as plugins, in the 90's there were many plugins like music players and other apps, flash is no different as it runs in the same way but it acts as a player for flas (swf) files, The Main competitor for flash was Silverlight which dose the same thing in different way developed and maintained by Microsoft

Extensions However are browser ad-dons that extends the browser ability, it is not a binary and it can reuse browser assets, it is now the modern approach and more extensions are coming out and fewer plugins are there maintained flash was one of them

The main reason that convinced Adobe to stop Flash is that a alternative solution surfaced which has futures that flash cant compete with specially in speed and hardware resources use like ram and processing, flash is good but it consumes more resource due to its nature as a plugin that requires to run separately behind the scenes unlike alternative technologies like WebGL and WebAssembly which runs within the browser it self

Today Browsers became better and smarter and includes all the needed technology as main assets to server almost all the needs that web wants, however flash might come back in a different name or as a different tool maybe as a extension not a plugin in all cases it doesn't really matters since creativity is not flash or any other tool, it is the creative person who holds the pen