Security Always Comes with a Cost

Security Comes with a cost, if you want to have control of what you do you need to get everything done from inside our, do not then win now cry later

Using windows is very easy, i do also recommend it to my clients not because it is a good OS but because it is a good Business, because they will know where to fix it stops working, that no good OS can Provide specially when it comes to price matters of maintenance

The main Difference that makes windows more easier to get a virus break through is not that they have less knowledge or tools rather because their target audience are normal people who just want to finish their tasks in an easy less painful way, with that comes the company responsibility to focus on the easiness at the cost of every other aspect that made up a OS and security is one of them

every sometime we hear about a major virus hit, not mentioning the normal hits and security holes that is caused by software and users, the bad news is it will continue to come regardless how beautiful the OS Might look like or how fast it might get to, it dosen't mean that Microsoft is a bad choice rather it is about how to manage what is important and what is a tool, no doubt that using Linux Systems is Safer but it is also not Practical in terms of Production


it is up to you to Determine what is important and what is just a tool, learning Linux is good but it is not a good idea to shift to it unless you have clear and good reasons on why you should but your "Important" Business in Linux Rather Windows

You can think about it like this, will it be good if you have a Porsche 911 with a Toyota Engine and German Gearbox! then you can have much wider choices of mechanics and cheaper parts for engine

this is doable though Virtual Machines, and if your rich you can buy a set of PC's, so that next time if you got attacked by a virus it will be repairing a part not the whole car

just in case your asking what about apple, will apple is just a Linux-like os with a makeup and closed source, it s just Mini Copper in the world of OS