Jasonette or the new Web for Mobile

When we see the history in technology, we understand that there is a flow that repeatedly accrue in technology between 2 basic yet important main environment of development

there was the terminal, and with it came terminal apps and systems,
then came the Graphical interface with it came apps and systems,
then came the browser with it came apps and systems,
then came the mobile OS with it came apps and systems

and now jasonette plays the same rule that html played in the softwear industry b4, and since it succeeded over software then i think jasonette would have a better chance in the mobile world, there was couple of tryies to bring web to mobile many web technology companies old and new did so, but it is getting harder for W3C to Stretch the demand and needs to a bigger scope of different development platforms, one last project i was very excited for was reactjs and reactjs native, but unfortunately it is not very easy for beginners and thous who want a strict forward solution but they are now the best in the market for developers coming from web backend

the next step need a fresh start, this solution is very exciting i think the solution or the idea in general will win big time but maybe not today, for me it already got my attention