Up and Running with Apache Flex on Ubuntu Linux

When is Visited Apache Flex site, i was Expecting to find a Linux version available since it is a open source project and common sense lead me to expect normally for it, however the story was little different i guess.

After going through lost of research and trial an errors, finally it was in fact easier than what i expected it to be,  now i am using Apache Flex on Ubuntu Linux, and you can too by following this guide below:

1- Download the SDK Instalation(Windows or Mac) app and go through the installation process.

2- Copy the Installed SDK Folder from your (Mac or Windows) to your (Linux) in "/opt/".

3- Download and Install FDT or IntelliJ Idea Ultimate, In the below Steps i will explain how to do it in IntelliJ Idea.
4- In IntelliJ Idea, Create a new Project as Follow:

 5- In Above "Flex/Air SDK", Click the "..." Button to Define your SDK.

6- Click the "+" and Add "Flex/Air SDK", and Then Continue the Installation.

7- After you click finish, now the project is ready to be tested, Click on the "Play" Icon on the Tool Bar to see your First Apache Flex Application Runs on your Default Browser... Enjoy (: