Working as a Developer


Development did not come just when humanity discovered micro processing, development was there from the beginning of time, it is a fact that all human are not the same in nature wise, there is diffident mentalities, one of them is the developer mentality. you cant determine what are exactly the marks or signs but you can figure it by the job that he dose best.
if you take a ride around what you experienced in business life, you will see many businesses, each one of them have someone handling the business, someone who market and sale it and one guy who is always quite and make all the products.
From the Writer of Books and Articles in News Paper and Magazine, across the guy who Develops Tall Buildings Blue Prints to The guy who Study and Develop Business Processes and Procedures as a Consultant to Production and Services Companies, and many more example you can find and check those who work behind the scenes.

Now days when you say Developer, it is automatically pointed to Computer Related Titles, which is i think not totally right, but since the domination of new Technology people made it like that, so it s a fact that everybody knows and now you might know what is it's Reality.
What are the Different when we say Programmer or Developer? i personally don't know since there are many titles in these fields Universities are having hard time Titling their Courses and Degrees, but allow me to think about it like this, a Developer is who Develops means (He Handle Different Tasks such Slicing, Front End Development, Flash, and Programming), in the other side a Programmer is who make and writes Code for Different Aspects of a Projects, so when you say a Developer mean a Programmer by Default but when you say a Programmer you don't mean a Developer.

The Last 10 Year was a very Exciting Years because it was up to now the phase where Standards are being Formed out thought Establishment here and there, there is no strict Standards, the world is open and every sometime a wave hits the sand castle made in the spring of a new technology, the introduction of INTERNET, WIN XP,WEB 2.0-WORDPRESS, SOCIAL MEDIA and lastly Smart Devices with Blackberry, IOS and Android. these are some of the waves that i have experienced.

Tools were and still remain very important for any Developer, some of them still work on notepads i don't know why, but i think every Developer have a list of options when it comes to Gear-up.
Frameworks started to Dominate the Development Needs and Demands from Clients to enable more Standard based Development, many framework have bean released some are made to private, in general it made working as Complicated as Learning a new Language, and after sometime a peace of cake.

One thing about working as a Developer makes life Exciting or maybe a Never Ending Study Class, si that you always have to catch up with new Technologies, Sometimes you will need to learn new Stuff and new Languages, but through it i can say that it Doesn't Matter what langues you learned and worked with, what dose matter however is how Deep you wen through it and how Complex was your job or Projects you were evolved in, a side with that what type of Industry you were working in and made Application for them, just to make it easy to understand imagine yourself French Writer, and you suddenly moved to New York and worked in New York Times, and @ the same time a Fresh Employee Joined and happens to be your Colleague, Despite that you don't know English and working on Improving it, it will not mean that you don't have a high level Experience and know how to write a Breaking News Article with the help of your colleague fine tinning your English Translation.

Working as a Developer is a Dream that came true to me, but to be one i had to go though many Changeless and spend large amount of time figuring out and understanding how things works, but it is a joy that i love to do and continue to explore without  Explorer ...