The Downfall of Apple from the Tree to the Ground Floor

In 2009 When Android was Out for the First time on HTC Mobiles, it was clear that the competition has started, The first shot "HTC HERO", then in 2010 "NEXUS ONE" after that Samsung and other companies joined the party, Today there is too many Android phones that you need to make a research b4 buying one in-fact too many Samsung Galaxy phones people think that Android is "Galaxy?"...

I have a Apple "Freak" at my work place, and whenever we have a debate he always took it to the personal level and considered his believe in "Apple" as a undiscusseable matter? will i stopped there but i promised him that time in 2011 that you will see how many androids will be in the market, just sit tight and enjoy the show (:

Actually you don't need to be a Computer Freak to Predict it, Massive Electronic Companies with Years Production Experience are there in the market, They just stopped Developing Smart phones after the nightmare they had with Microsoft, but since they saw "Android" it got their attention, but because their experience with Microsoft they learned never to rush like they did b4, once they saw "Nexus One",

they Unleashed their Productions Experience to Develop and Market the Devices the way they like with Android on Top, free of charge and little and open sourced, which made it cheaper and made huge sales.

Unlike Apple, as i have read it by my Marketing Friend Eyes of Experience, they are dealing with their Products in a Pure Marketing Planing, it is the same source of trick Companies use to sell something you don't understand why but they feel they like it or sometimes they need it, companies like “Rolex” do the same trick, no body asks why expensive, and the need is simply to "know what time is it", but still people buy it (:

Apple will shrink back, with in a maximum of 2 years by the end of 2014 i guess for the following reasons:
1- From a management point of view they have a Problem of Centralized Management, that's why they fired Steve b4 which was a good decision from a management point of view, and it ended up that they found out that this company cant carry on without him on bord after they where almost closing it, so they joined him back on his terms, now he is dead not fired like b4.
2- Reliance on Overseas Companies in China, Imagine if the Chinese Company Decided to put Android on thous Devices and sell them with 100% profit, off course i think they have signed agreements that's why they cant, up to now, but then there is no reason to get IOS i guess (:
3- Unbelievably,Unacceptable and Arrogant Policies that will make Microsoft look like a Angle, if you hate Microsoft for Closing their source for windows and software products, you should fight Apple because they decide everything from hardware to software and they "nicely" force you to like it otherwise you will not be a smart person?!!. And you cant run IOS on other Devices or Phones, in fact if your a developer you have to pay them on yearly basis and get your self a Mac Machine to Develop a Calculator, in case if you are a student dot worry there is a discount they might offer?

Look, Even Steve Wozniak is Pissed off now, and he is Openly Talking about it.