Felix Baumgartner's Jumping "Circus"


Most of us saw yesterday the "Felix Jump", but Unlike no Ordinary Circus, it was Tentless so anybody can attend it, and Ticketless, just press the TV Button "ON" and watch don't worry you already paid by "Time" currency, or "View" on youtube, if you want to understand how, set tight grap a coffe and enjoy drawing a smile of understanding with an "Aha" reaction if necessary.

Breaking a Record, is a simple and open target that require high level of Belive,Dedication and Hard Work in from of a Team, it is an event that not only will break the record, but will break other barriers as well that will somoothly grow awarnase on the Desired Field ("Sport,Scince, Cooking!") how it will take a new article to explain it.. but here is a glimps of the general idea.

Remember the Olympics, can you see how someone success in breaking the record inspired you to level up your sport rutin, even those who don't have sport activities at least they started to think about it, or got teased because it made them look far way from track right (:, well thats just part of it, if you go deeper you will find out many things evolved from Marketing Boost Benefits, to Increase of sale in Sport Products, on and on the story loops again and again, which is not bad at all, because it is just like a song that everybody will dance for, Who breaks the record, his team, Marketing, companies and Pretty much everybody else interested regardless if he is dancing or watching it.

There is many Record Breaking Events that happened in the past, but not all of them are famous enough for you to know it because maybe because the Field was not common like "Football", or it didn't have the Media Coverage because of low value of interest from the audience, who will care if you Break a Record on something a normal guy will not understand, like for example "Breaking the Record of number of site requests per day" or "Being site No.1 on alexa for years like google", who cares people something that they understand like "SPORTS, Cooking ..etc", Something Abnormal like "Not Sleeping for Days" or Weird like "Eating Spiders".

So lets agree that Breaking a Record is an Event, not an Invention or a Discovery, What Makes it Famous i guess is this simple rule "Easy to Understand = More Audience = Media Interest"

Now lets just try to remember a Circus that you visited or @ least a Circus you saw on TV if you didn't, The main reason you go is just to have fun and of course you have to pay your ticket and then you can enjoy in matter of hours and organized show that was built by years of experience and month of preparation and organizing, what you will see is excitement, danger and Humor rounded up and played by Talented guys who have special set of skills enable them to do what they do best which no ordinary human can, sometime even impossible for a human to do, what makes a Circus better than another is the level of excitement and profession that will let you stand on your feets and feel it.

Lets agree once again that a Circus is a Type of Business that uses talents to make Money.

- Conclusion
Finally, lets put these ideas in mind, and look agine in what happended yesterday...

Q: is it a Record Breaking Event?

Q: The Field "Sceince" is it Easy to Understand by Ordinary People?
N: Infact, people already missed up with scince facts Replacing Neoten "The Scintefic" with Felix "The Sky Diver" in Scinse saying "He Broke Newton's Second Law of Motion", WOW..OMG! DID HE?, Here is a Response from a "Physics" Geek if you want to know more dtails : http://bit.ly/OAK0ks, i have to say we have to practise specialization when we work and also when we Talk as well.

Q: If it is an Event, and the Field have no large audiance base? What was it Yesterday?
A: Your Damm Right it is, it was a Tentless "Circus".. Yes it was and it was made by "Red Bull" Marketing Freaks (:

Not Bad Red Bull, Not Bad At All (: