Start Using XDEBUG for a Clean PHP Debuging...

If you are a Programmer and need a very simple way to debug any php code regardless if it is a simple app or Built-on Framework app, and if you might want to see how things are working in a step-by-step process here is a very Powerfull Tool that dose all the magic (:

How it Works: XDEBUG + DEBUGING CLEINT ( ANY ) = Magic Happens (:

1- Installing XDEBUG:
A - From source:
Download the Version of Xdebug that suited your need by Fristly checking what version of PHP are you working on and then selected the apropriate version for it from here:

2- Configuring a XDEBUG Client:
You can find a list of clients supported by xdebug in the link below, i personally recommend using vi for debugging because it doesn't need much resources from your machine and hard to crash:

Here is some screen shuts about how it should look like on vim