The Logics from practice

being in the field for a while result some common ground of understanding what is right, this is a list here some of the thinks I learned from the past experience:

1- It is always not the
How we run it is the way we run!
How we think it is the way we think!
How we deliver it is the way we deliver!

2- Football is kicking, basketball is grabbing and so as business is what? Just selling? .... The surrounding system is what makes it not free, and how good it is makes it not cheap.

3- Every question must have an answer, so as every business has a chance surrounded by many choice to take, and the right choice always comes from three ways of thinking
A- The Technical way of works or not
B- The Marketing way of how to propose it.
C- The Management way of how to deliver it.

4- Thinking is like walking, the way is like the road you see and the how is like the map you have, so if the map has mistakes don't follow it, just believe in what you see on your way.

5- Gold is one kind of stone, oil is rotten liquid, it is always not about what you have it is about how valuable to you believe it is.

6- Vision is one word that describes seeing a movie that you already saw; we believe always and know how the movie will end?

7- Can you go to china on feet, if you don't have much choice you will do if only you have a similar level of goals? There is always a choice you can take...

8- In IT, it is about how skilled you are, not what you know?

I believe that a Successful Web Company is a Combination if 3 deferent things:

1- The right Business-mindset Person with Background in Web.
2- The Right Developer-mindset Person very Skilled in 1 kind of web logic. (social, corporate, e-commerce ....)
3- And a Creative-mindset Person, who can visualize the performance with the exact level of undefended attraction.

Then only success is a possible option of choices available, other employees are details according on how the company will grow...